What are magnetic lenses & how do they work?

Magnetic lenses, also known as prescription magnetic lens or OOOptic adhesive prescription magnetic lenses, are a relatively new and innovative technology in the world of eyewear. These lenses use the power of magnets to attach themselves to a pair of sunglasses, sport eyewear, goggles , providing users with a a convenient and customizable eyewear solution.

The core principle behind magnetic lenses is simple- they work by using two small magnets placed on the lens. These magnets create a strong enough force to hold the lens in place while still allowing for easy removal when needed. This eliminates the need for traditional frames that require screws or clips to secure the lens, making it easier and quicker to swap out different prescriptions.

One major benefit of magnetic lenses is their versatility. With traditional glasses, if you have multiple prescriptions for different activities (e.g, reading, scuba diving, driving), you would need separate pairs of glasses or constantly switch out your lenses. However, with the magnetic lenses, you can simply change out the lens depending on your needs at any given time without having to carry around multiple pairs of glasses.

Other advantages is that lenses offer a more seamless transition of nearsightedness compared to progressive or bifocal lenses. Traditional progressive or bifocal lenses often have visible lines or distortions that can be bothersome for wearers. OOOptic magnetic lenses eliminate this issue by providing clear vision regardless of distance without any noticeable changes in the lens itself.


One important factor to note about magnetic lenses is that they require special frames designed specifically for them. The two small magnets must be strategically placed within there frames to ensure proper alignment with each other and provide optimal functionality for the wearer.


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