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Swimming goggles can enhance efficiency and satisfaction while lowering the risk of eye infections for swimmers due to the high consistency of chlorine within swimming pools.

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Surpass Myopia

With sports requiring clear eyesight, wearing contact lenses to replace your glasses just does not cut it anymore, as there is a higher risk of eye dryness and infection due to the chemicals within the swimming pool. Individuals with Myopia (nearsightedness) is a condition where close objects appear clear but distant objects unclear/blurred. The leading cause is the structure of the eye is slightly longer than usual, which causes light rays to bend (refract) incorrectly. Utilizing swimming goggles with prescription lenses can assist in bringing clear vision with ease.

OOOptic Lenses

With OOOptic swimming goggles corrective lenses, you can equip them anywhere, anytime. In addition, with our selection of prescription inserts, you can enjoy your swimming session in serenity without worrying about your vision getting compromised. Were you thinking they might slip and get misplaced while immersing yourself in the water? Fret not! Our lens inserts are of the highest quality and adhere to eyewear with more than ten times the strength compared to others. They are also easy to remove and do not leave any residue on your swimming goggle prescription lenses.

swimming goggles corrective lenses

How To Order Your OOOptic


Step 1 :
Consult with your optician to get your latest prescriptions

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Step 2:
Choose your degree for both eyes

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Step 3:
Choose your purchase quantity and provide your mailing address

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Step 4 :
Pay and get delivered right to your doorstep

How To Apply Your OOOptic


Your OOOptic has arrived! Each package inclusive of 

1 pair of OOOPtic Lenses, OOOptic Sticker for installation and adjustment, 6 pairs of magnet, and A sucker.

Your OOOptic has arrived and take it out from the packaging. Experience it!

Attachable and detachable easily

It is able to attach to the sunglasses freely and easily.

One size fits all

One pair of OOOptic lenses fits all types of sunglasses and goggles.

It is technical proven that hold it steadily and firmly.

It is stylist and fashionable, yet, this is invisible with all the dark colour sunglasses.

Wouldn’t block your vision.

Empower you with better vision in any types of activities and occasions.

Enjoy it with all of your activities!

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