How OOOptic Lets You Ditch the Dorky Doubles 👓

But first, let me address the struggles of having multiple eyewear.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is almost impossible to have just one pair of eyewear. With different activities and lifestyles, people need different types of eyewear such as prescription glasses, sunglasses, and even blue light blocking glasses for long hours in front of screens. However, constantly switching between multiple eyewear can be a huge hassle and cause frustration for many individuals.

Managing multiple pieces of eyewear has always been an inconvenience filled with potential mishaps that affect all aspects from daily routines down to specific events like sports games or travel plans.

Fortunately for us all- With the latest eyewear technology advancements, we can say goodbye to juggling multiples pairs of eyewear and welcome a game-changing solution that will simplify our life like never before. Introducing OOOptic- one frame that serves all your needs, making managing different types of eyewear a thing of the past.

OOOptic DIY Multifunction Eyewear Set, a revolutionary product that aims to simplify your eyewear collection and provide you with all the necessary glasses in one convenient set. An innovative multifunction transition from multiple eyewear to one in all!

What contains inside the “OOOptic DIY Multifunction Eyewear Set & its functions”? Well, continue reading peeps!



OOOptic DIY Multifunction Eyewear Set :

1)OOOptic Prescription Magnetic Lenses – OOOptic Adhesive Prescription Magnetic Lenses are prescribed based on your power degree/Sphere(SPH), offering anti-blue light protection. Designed for easy attachment to any eyewear, indoors & outdoors, including sports goggles, VR devices, and sunglasses. Crafted for clear vision, our product ensures those with short-sightedness enjoy activities without disruption.

DSC08804 Enhanced NR

2) OOOptic Unbreakable and Bendable Screw-free Frameless Glasses

-When OOOptic Magnetic Lenses are attached to this, it transforms into regular prescription glasses. A screw-free and lens-free glasses temple that can transform into regular prescription spectacles by attaching OOOptic magnetic lenses (no.1 ). The body part of the glasses temple can be detached as it is screw-free.

DSC08302 Enhanced NR
DSC08816 Enhanced NR

3) OOOptic Bendable Polarised Sunglasses Frame

-Introducing Colourful Polarised Bendable Frame- just a rimless body frame. Easily transform it into sunglasses by clipping on the bendable polarised sunglasses frame onto (No.2- OOOptic Unbreakable & Bendable Rimless Glasses)

It’s a convenient transformation enabled by attaching magnetic lenses to any indoor and outdoor sport eyewear or goggles, seamlessly transitioning from spectacles to sunglasses. All in one, multifunctional.

OOOptic Anti Fog Wipes


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