Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Yes, we have experimented with various types of adhesive, and the 3M double-sided tape proved to be the most feasible for our OOOptic lenses.

We have conducted prior testing a thousand times to ensure that the 3M double-sided tape is strong enough to attach the OOOptic lenses and eyewear together for up to without dropping.

Additionally, we will provide extra 3M double-sided tapes and magnets along with your OOOptic lenses for you to change the tape when you wish to

You may peel the tape off and use eyeglass cleaners containing alcohol or nail polish removers to clean the residue.

We have ensured that the mounting and dismounting of the OOOptic lenses will not cause any damage to your eyewear.

  1. Rinse your lenses under warm water before wiping or cleaning them
  2. Use only microfiber materials to clean your lenses
  3. Make sure to rinse the lenses under tap water if water or sweat has come into contact with them
  4. Store your glasses properly in microfiber cases when you are not using them
  5. Keep your lenses in a cool, dry place when not in use
  6. The area on the lenses for attaching the magnets have to be cleaned properly before use for anti-fog lenses

In a drive to be sustainable, our OOOptic lenses are made from. The lenses come in a casing made from PET that is entirely recyclable.

  1. Each pair of OOOptic lenses comes with – 

    1)Portable case
    2)A pair of magnetic Lens
    3)10 pairs magnets
    4)1 pieces microfiber wipe cloth
    5)6 Reusable Adhesive Silicone
    6)1 pair Lenses Positioning Sheet
    7)1 piece Handy Metal

  2. The OOOptic lenses come in a 6.8mm width lightweight casing made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

Blue Cut Lenses from OOOptic provide comprehensive eye protection against blue light and UV radiation (UV420). On the other hand, Green Cut Lenses, do not include blue light protection.

Second difference is that the upgraded magnet in OOOptic Blue Cut Lenses has undergone rigorous testing for strength, ensuring its durability. The magnet itself is hand-crafted and curved to ensure a perfect fit for all eyewear, including -8 based & 9 Based curved glasses. Green Cut Lenses are just regular magnetic lenses.OOOptic Blue Cut Lens also able to attach to the newest OOOptic glasses frame from “OOOptic Multifunction Eyewear Set”.

Optical Correction


OOOptic lenses are designed to withstand normal exposure to moisture, such as light rain or sweat.

OOOptic Anti Fog Wipes


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