The Quickest Way To Keep Your Contact Lenses Fresh While Traveling

Contact Lenses Fresh While Traveling

These steps are important to follow if you wear contact lenses while traveling. I sleep in my contact lenses way more often than I’d like to admit, which leaves me with blurry vision and dry, sticky lenses that won’t budge in the morning. (Don’t tell my eye doctor: I know you should never sleep with […]

Guide To Scuba Diving With Prescription Glasses

Underwater view of couple snorkeling

Can you Dive with Glasses? Because of the increased pressure, the spectacles you are wearing may cause discomfort underwater. Other than that, hard or gas-permeable contact lenses may cause additional issues such as eye pain, suction problems, and blurry vision caused by trapped nitrogen air bubbles. The deeper perimeter you dive, the more the pressure […]

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