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Who Are We

We spent years on research, development, and design, to come out with lens that could be attached to any eyewear. We are your vision.

How We Started

As a sports enthusiast who enjoys outdoor activities, finding the right pair of glasses can be frustrating. Wearing contact lenses is not an option as it is stimulating and may not be suitable for some activities. I tried bespoke glasses, but they were expensive and impractical. Therefore, this is where magnetic adhesive lenses come in and are suitable for all types of glass currently on the market. Magnetic adhesive lenses not only bring convenience to sports enthusiasts, but also bring a hassle-free concept  to our daily lives.

We are OOOptic!

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Vision & Mission


To become world’s No.1 solution provider to myopia


To become essential to our customers by providing revolutionary eyewear to help them achieve their aspirations


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Seize every opportunity to energize innovation and be inspired by innovation

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Be open & honest in communications and interactions with each other, customers and suppliers

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Committed with a sense of ownership
Our people are expected to possess a sense of urgency and belonging in any assignment or task given


We focus on the craftsmanship of our products, always maintain the highest standard

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Respect for people
We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance

Why OOOptic?

oooptic swimming goggle prescription
Immerse yourself into the virtual reality
anti blue light lens
Anti Blue Light
eye irritation
Stop the irritation from wearing contact lenses
swimming lens
Cost-saving for none bespoke glasses
Easy to carry in a bag

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